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Taking a Break Might Just be the Solution
Staying Focused on your Fitness Goal


Silently, in our minds, we think of taking a break; but then, the fear of having everything fall apart or having to admit that we failed scares us. Now, before we go deeper into this post, understand that there is no rule that applies to every relationship, this may seem a little opinionated but then again, we represent just one small group.

One of the reasons we believe people dread breaks is because it often leads to the end of the relationship. 8 out of 10 times, after the break they never get back together. In our opinion, this is because the breaks have no time limit, purpose and guiding rules.

First of all, why do breaks even come up? Sometimes the relationships get so overwhelming and it feels like you cannot deal with it anymore. Different things and emotions might have led you to that point so when you decide to take a break you need to be clear. This is where purpose comes in, what is the purpose of the break? Do you need space? Do you want to evaluate yourself? Going on a break because you just feel overwhelmed is a waste of time. Taking a break is supposed to help give you time to resolve specific issues. So, if you do not know what exactly you want, what’s the point?


Today in the mom’s corner we’ll be sharing ways to help all our One Woman mothers have an organized Summer holiday. We know how overwhelming the holidays can be; with the kids running around, always wanting to be engaged. Sometimes it just gets really tiring. We love our kids and we want them to have as much fun as possible.

Take note of the following, they’ll most likely make things more organized. Giving you more time to rest from all the school stress and your kids will thank you too.

Save for it

Save! Save! Save! A good number of times, the excuses we used to get as kids was “there’s no money.” Don’t be that mummy who never wants to take the kids out. Well, that’s how they see it.

Start saving for summer months before, money is key! There are so many ways to have fun that doesn’t involve money, but still, that money is very necessary. Don’t you agree?


Yes, you read that right! Charcoal is a must have beauty product.

There was a time when charcoal made us think about barbeques, roasted corn, boli and others; well, those are the uses that come to mind.  Recently, charcoal has found its way into the beauty scene as major ingredients in hair, teeth and skin products. It’s also been used in the making of some juices because of its ability to absorb toxins. This common charcoal is heated and the powder formed is the activated charcoal. This process makes it develop small pores that trap in chemicals.

Alright, let’s jump right into why we think it’s a must have beauty product. Here are some of its benefits.

It’s safe to say that the fitness culture amongst Nigerians lately has become more established. People are gradually becoming conscious about what they eat, how they exercise and generally keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.  We all have fitness goals we hope to achieve, but truth be told; staying focused could be hard sometimes. We have put together few things that perhaps will help you stay focused.

Set S.M.A.R.T fitness goals.

Who else used to set goals like “ I must be fit by the end of the year” and when the year ends you’re even worse? Be specific when setting these goals. You should be able to measure progress, know the figures when you started and state what you hope to achieve. For your own sake, have a goal you can attain and be realistic.

Introducing to you The One Woman Card!

The One Woman card is a personalised debit card that comes as a benefit of being part of the network. It provides access to discounts from selected stores ranging from clothing, interior, health, business, lifestyle and more.

Here’s a list of several outlets where this discount applies;

The last season of Game of Thrones kept us all on the edge of our seats wondering what revelations this new season holds. Since its end, fans have come up with their various theories to the deep mysteries the writers threw us into. But the wait is over,  the season we have all been waiting for is finally here, It’s the battle of the thrones.

We can’t start the new season without recognising the female characters that made it worth our while. And we do hope they remain alive this season, we don’t want surprises.

1.Daenerys Targaryen

She is The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Raise your hands if you always have issues surprising your man on a budget, everything just seems so expensive these days. Anyways, this doesn’t have to be a problem as there are so many ways to do this without spending so much money. Before we jump into our suggestions, one thing you need to know is that there is an art to gifting. The best gifts and surprises are those that meet a need or a want. As a wife or girlfriend, if you want to blow his mind all the time, be very attentive to things he talks about or things he needs. For instance, if he’s been complaining about work stress obviously at that point he’ll appreciate a spa date rather than a new belt

Let’s dive in, here are our suggestions. You’ll probably find an item your man fancies.

Every wife wishes to have a loving, caring and stress-free mother-in-law, but we don’t get everything we wish for. It’s not new that some women are scared even before they meet their mother-in-laws. Probably because of all the bad stories they’ve heard and Nollywood isn’t even making it easier with the way they portray mother-in-laws.

Some women may have to deal with an overbearing mother-in-law whether they like it or not. So if this is you, how are you going to handle it? Cry, fight back or constantly quarrel with her? Or, deal with it while still giving her the respect she deserves.

The points below will likely ease the stress of having to deal with an overbearing mother in law.

Be willing to make it work

Like we said earlier, some women are scared and have bad perceptions. They build their defensive walls and create bad expectations, this will one way or the other affect the future relationship. You’ll hear some women saying they don’t care and are ready to fight ‘fire with fire’. Honestly is it worth it? Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind? Before going into a marriage or meeting you mother-in-law, drop that mindset and go in willing to make sure you have the best relationship.