How Well Do You Know Your Parenting Style?
The Dos and Donts of Online Dating
Our Favourite Nail Polish Hacks
What Successful Lady Bosses Do Daily

Truth be told, your parenting style can make or break the kids you raise. Many of us can attest to this fact, our parents playing a significant or in moulding our personalities and outlooks on life. It’s definitely not something to take for granted.

If you’re a mum or current mum-to-be, it’s important to understand the kind of style that works for you and your kids, making adjustments where you need to. The infographic below also helps to outline the benefits of each style,  as cited by psychologists.

Authoritarian Parenting: If you are a koboko-carrying-no-question-asking Mama in charge, you are without a doubt an authoritarian mum. Your parenting style involves setting rules for kids and expecting nothing short of complete obedience.

When your kids ask why they have to do certain chores, for instance, your answer is usually a flat “Because I said so”, said with love of course.And negotiation? What’s that? There is little to no leeway for negotiation of any kind.

Not long ago, the thought of online dating was considered completely taboo. Anyone who ventured into this space was either desperate, a loser or both in the eyes of others, making conventional dating the only acceptable option.

Fast forward to 2017 and we find more women embracing the idea of finding love on the world wide web. Perhaps it’s the level of busyness most experience due to responsibilities, limiting the available time they have for face-to-face dates. If you’re in the same position, we feel you on that one, and have a few suggested ideas of how you can get the best out of online dating if you choose to go for it.

Is there hope for the young black woman who dreams of having long, gorgeous, healthy hair that goes past her shoulders?

Hair that’s all hers, if we might add?

Well, the hair experts swear it’s possible, that the process just takes much longer than it would for Caucasian and Asian women. According to Curly Nikki, it’s because Afro-Caribbean hair tends to be naturally drier with curls obstructing the flow of natural oils to the scalp.

If you’re on the lookout for a little hair growth 101 class, you’re in the right place. Sit back and relax with a cup of happy juice as we dissect this topic, sharing tips on how to grow hair that works for you:

Fabulous nail polish has to be every girl’s best friend!

Or almost every girl’s.

Some ladies hate the stress that comes with application and/or maintenance, skipping the slaying results altogether. Beg them to visit the nail bar and you would have a real war on your hands.

If you happen to fall in this category, we have some good news for you. Believe it or not, getting your nails done can be super easy with the help of some useful Do-It-Yourself hacks. Some are too unbelievable to be true, but a few trials later and you’ll find yourself discussing their goodness to everyone who would care to listen. So do read on and test for yourself.

1.Apply Vaseline as a base for easy cleanup: No matter how steady your hands are, slipups are kind of tough to avoid. But no worries, a dab of some handy jelly right before the work begins will help with quick wipes. Your surrounding skin will also get some tender loving care (TLC), so you know you can’t go wrong with this.

Ever wondered how successful women like the Folorunso Alakijas, Tara Durotoyes and Arese Ugwus of the world accomplish so much with ease?

Habits. Daily habits that form an integral part of their lifestyles.

These demanding yet simple habits are ones we should all aspire to practise consistently for results we can be proud of. Yes, their details may differ but the central, underlying themes of knowledge, relationships and focus usually remain the same.

So if you’re a lady boss in training or one who’s preparing for even greater heights, let this serve as a guide on your way to that much-desired destination:


1. Make S.M.A.R.T goals

and work towards achieving them with simple, logical and informed steps. You won’t find successful women simply dreaming or wishing about what could be or should be. No, these ladies match their big dreams with action. They think, plan and execute daily, using all the resources they have effectively.

Life never gets dull for the average Naija wife. Whether you’re a veteran in the game or a newbie on the scene, there is always a lesson somewhere to take notes from. See how many you can relate with down below:

1. The first year of marriage may be rough: Admit it. You packaged well while dating! Makeup on fleek, style game never disappointing. What would usually make you angry on any given day… you let it slide, just so your best version of Self was up on centre stage. But fast forward to marriage, and a lot we hoped to keep hidden comes to the surface. Also, no matter how much you discussed with Hubby, something new always pops up  – a crazy habit that gets on your nerves amongst other shockers. With that, added conflict strolls in (which can be healthy, believe it or not). Great communication is key at this stage, with the understanding that you’re going through a blending process.

Kidnapping. It’s every mum’s worst nightmare, right after losing a child to an unfortunate death. We hear the stories, see the news and learn of shocking facts like Nigeria being ranked third by the Business Insider on its list of highest kidnapping-for-ransom cases around the world.  We pray against such incidents, but preparation and education of our little ones are also of utmost importance. As our primary facts reference rightly points out, these would ultimately increase their chances of escape and stop injuries or accidental deaths during attempts.

With this said, have a heart to heart conversation with your kids and discuss the following tips with them. You can decide to take the lesson a step further with consistent practice, followed by the purchase of a safety device like a whistle, pepper spray amongst others.

Most women dread that special time of the month when menstruation comes knocking. From stain worries to cramps, it’s a seemingly necessary evil that comes with the beauty of womanhood. However, for the lady coping with endometriosis, menstruation comes with a whole new level of displeasure. It’s a trying time of serious discomfort and sometimes abnormal pain. With 5.5 million cases recorded worldwide and no discovered cure, it’s a topic affecting women worth getting to know.

According to Women’s Health, the condition occurs when the womb’s lining grows outside the uterus. Lining tissue may even find its way to other parts of the body including the bowel and the fallopian tubes or ovaries. On average, women between the ages of 30 and 40 are affected.

Here are answers to five of the most commonly asked questions on the condition…

Welcome back to the workflow! We’ve got you covered with some interesting fashion style ideas today, ideas we know will make the rest of April extra special. Just keep on reading…

Now, you would think that stripes and dots would be super easy to rock at work, or on a day out with the girls. But sadly, that’s not always the case. There are rules to abide by, rules that can help you slay hard or stay sad with courtesy from the fashion police.  When next you’re on a shopping trip for patterns, have these simple tips in mind: