There is a popular claim in some social circles that men don’t emotionally cheat. Men are sexual beings, they say. They keep it physical, all the way. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A man will seek emotional solace elsewhere if he’s not getting it “at home”. He will search for a listening ear, a woman who “gets” him, to open up to. To some, this can be even more devastating, because a one night stand remains just that – a one night stand. Even regular sex might have no love ties. But once the heart’s involved, things can be tricky.

And yes… sexting and the likes? They fall under this category as well.

Read on for signs that your significant other is in an emotional affair:

1. He has been emotionally distant lately: This is usually the first sign of an emotional affair; a sign many women sadly miss when super busy with life. Has he been acting more withdrawn than usual? Does he barely respond during conversations, or show love and care? If your answers are yes and yes, something may be awry.

2. He is secretive with his phone: You probably know this by now but phone calls, Whatsapp messages and texts are just some of the ways men use to connect with other women. So if he’s acting unusually secretive with his phone or other mobile devices, something might be up.

3. He’s more active on his phone than usual: From chatting once in awhile to chatting almost all the time? Definitely a sign to watch for.

4. He hardly shares accomplishments anymore: Sadly, this may mean he’s sharing said information with someone else

5. He talks about a certain lady more than usual: She might be a colleague or a friend that has gotten very familiar. As long as her name is always on the tip of his tongue, you might have yourself a problem.

6. He isn’t mentally present during date nights: While out with him, he isn’t with you in the moment. This can be a telltale sign.

7. He cares a lot about his looks: The reason for this goes without saying… he wants his new interest to find him attractive.

8. He picks on your faults: What was never a big deal to him about your looks – or even the way you act – is now being talked about quite often. Sadly, this might be due to unconscious comparisons with the new woman in his life.

9. He causes unnecessary arguments: Couples fight often. But when your spouse/bf frequently starts ridiculous squabbles for no reason, this is cause for concern.

10. A certain colleague/friend can never look you in the eye: By now, you probably know why….


Next week, we’ll touch on what to do when you confirm that your significant other is definitely emotionally cheating. Stay tuned!


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