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Wondering what to wear for your Valentine’s Day date?

Scroll through for some fab outfit ideas, ranging from nice and casual to sexy and formal. Our One Woman Card partners are on standby to get you great discounts, as nice as 50%. Check them out too!

1. Sultry yet laid-back:  We absolutely love Zainab Balogun‘s two-piece number with a black crop tee in tow, just right for a night out at a lounge or laidback jazz club.

We are fed-up of abiding by the rules and adhering to fashion stereotypes. Fashion is presumed to be a tool for self-expression and this year, we have decided that we are no longer going to be held down by any rule. It is time to break free, to be dynamic and expressively combine different pieces to reflect our inner selves. Rules are for breaking. Let’s break some!

Always wear a matching belt with shoes and handbag: For the love of fashion, we are in 2018! Adhering to this rule will make you look outdated, like something out of a 90s movie. It’s ok to wear different colors of bags and shoes. It makes your outfit modern and interesting.

Never wear bold colors together: This year, we are saying goodbye to this rule. Pairing bold hues is daring and fun when perfectly combined. Combining red, pink and green and other fun colors will give you that eye-catchy color blocking ensemble.

Having oily skin can seem frustrating. You spend so much time making up only to have oil seep into your pores and ruin it. Then there are the tireless battles with acne. 

The worst.

If you can relate to these struggles, here are some natural home remedies to try out that will put an end to oily skin:

Tomatoes: Get a tomato, cut it in half and rub all over your face in a circular motion. Let the residue stay on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

Over the years, on-air personality, Stephanie Coker-Ade has managed to add “style star” to the many hats she already wears. Mastering the balance between ultra chic and effortlessly cool, Stephanie never disappoints. With impeccable ease, Coker incorporates classics that never go out of style like her constant supply of denim to show that simple everyday life practicality. From midriff-baring two pieces to mini skirts and sheer dresses, Coker never seizes to captivate us. She even makes a white tee and jeans look top-notch. Although she wears high price outfits, her street style is affordable because she sticks to basics. Tip 1: Invest in basics.

Here are her best street style moments that you can recreate on an affordable budget :

The weekend look

For a comfortable laid-back look, Stephanie opts for her non-stop graphic tee and blue jeans. She adds that glam factor by topping the look off with a sheer kimono and white sneakers.


Who is ready for the holidays?

We know we are! Get set for holiday fun, complete with live concerts, owambes and fab fashion shows. Looking good at each is must, you know this. And that’s why we have made it our prerogative to compile a list of useful beauty tips to keep you glammed up.

Read on, share with friends, and send us pictures after each big day:

Ladies, reduce eye swelling with H20: Splashing your eyes with cold water as soon as you get up in the morning reduces eye-swelling right away.


It’s official. #BAAD2017 was without a doubt the biggest wedding of the year in Nigeria, with showstopping fashion at every turn.

No one could outshine the lovely couple though. Banky W and Adesua looked beautiful at their white wedding in Cape Town, South Africa; Adesua’s wedding gown, a dream. To think we were just musing on love lessons from The Wedding Party not long ago is unbelievable. Now, they are married in real life!

See photos of our favourite looks below, with style tips learnt. A pic of Adesuwa’s gown is down there too.

Self love and care is a must for the average lady boss, and fortunately, Nigerian brands offer a range of natural products to help. So whether it’s skincare or haircare, you’re sure to find your next sweet fix with at least one of the following:


The luxury skincare brand uses all natural resources from around the world to make its unique range of moisturisers, hair treatments, facial masks and more. It even has its very own spa, grooming parlour and hair clinic where customers get personal pamper sessions that help them unwind. Check out the store and see what catches your attention.

Most people think being a fashionista is about picking the perfect dress for that event, party or even a short walk down the road. Personally, I think fashion is so much more. It’s about enjoying the liberty to express yourself in any way you want. It’s how you display your unique identity, creativity and your outlook on life. It’s speaking to your world with your mouth closed.

Here’s how to stay true to your  fashion statement and embrace your fashion identity:

Wear what you feel comfortable in

Rule 1, Comfort is bae. Remember that fashion is an expression of who you are and not who you’re trying to be. So if you’re comfortable in loose wear, that’s great. Make them look good and work for you. Love your heels? Slay them too. Stay comfortable in outfits and be true to self.

Are you looking for a new side business or hobby? Making beaded bracelets is an easy option to consider. The truth is, there will always be an event to wear bracelets to in Nigeria – weddings, parties or religious events – adding extra spice to the asoebi outfit. You don’t need extensive training, and you can do really well with it if you have a good eye for colours and patterns.

Read on for easy steps on how to make these beaded bracelets:

What You Need