From  six months, breast milk or infant formula stops being enough for your baby. According to The Vanguard, he or she needs more nutrients like iron at this age, and these can be found in solid yet simple food items your child’s body can now process.

If you’re a mum who already finds yourself in this new stage, celebrate! An exciting experience awaits you and the little one, complete with many delicious food adventures. Nigeria has an array of local foods to choose from, so you’re never at your wits end. Some favourites are listed below:


  1. Brown pap: It’s economical, healthy and quite popular. It’s pap and motherhood experts like Mummy’s Yum recommend you choose this for your baby. Made from corn, it gives the little one the carbohdyrates he or she needs to grow.
  2. Yam and peas puree: Yam is a popular staple food in most Nigerian homes. A pureed slice with nutritious ingredients like peas is the perfect recipe for a healthy baby meal.
  3. Soft swallow: Baby is bound to love a delicious meal of amala and ewedu, just one of the many simple swallow-soup combos Naija’s diverse cultures have to offer. The Mamalette NG team suggests it as a great weaning food option. They also suggest adding flaked crayfish too as a protein source.
  4. Okro soup: Some more deliciousness for baby! The okro vegetable is a great source of vitamins A, C and K. Add ingredients like chopped up onions and mackerel for an extra nutrient boost.
  5. Ripe plantain and carrot puree: Last but not least, this meal is a tasty source of Vitamin A, C and fibre for your growing baby. Hold up on the fried dodo though!

There you have it! Which will your baby try first?



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