Francis is one of my favourite kids at the hospice. His limbs are slender and disabled, but this doesn’t stop him from trying to move them. He uses his bed rails to lift himself up. He tries to hold on to his toys. He claps with his feet when I say “clap for Jesus”.

I always thought he was going to be confined to his bed, and eventually, a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  But day by day, he continues to prove me wrong. It’s inspiring to see him wriggle on the floor, moving from one point to another. He also does so quickly. In his mind, he is completely unstoppable.

Francis is barely two years old. Yet, I learn many life lessons from him each time we are together. In him lies a champion. This little superman points me, and hopefully you, to the fact that nothing should ever stop us from chasing that dream, reaching that goal or even making basic life decisions.

Ever smiling, Francis reminds me that life’s circumstances and issues should never steal our joy. His smile is contagious and communicates the victory he has over his physical state, though he can’t talk properly yet. Nevertheless, guess what? He is working on that too.

Little Francis doesn’t believe in the word “impossibility”.  He believes he can do anything he sets his mind to do.

May we all learn to live with this mindset just like him.

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I am Hon. Olawunmi Oyedeji, a graduate of Chemical Engineering. I am a presenter, producer, poet, politician, a tourism enthusiast and serial entrepreneur. I run @kaunatours, a tourism outfit, @viesan_media, a branding firm and @trymyjob, a reality TV show. I enjoy writing, travelling and making money.



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