Everyone wants to be successful, and for good reason. Personal and professional success is undoubtedly the cherry on top of a beautiful life and most of us are working towards achieving it in our unique capacities.

Those who have “arrived” can boldly attest to the fact that handling success while still remaining sane and humble is not as easy as it sounds. Certain structures have to be put in place and rules applied.

If you can relate, these five tips should help to get you started. And if you’re on your grind to becoming successful, they will get you prepared for what is to come:

Surround yourself with honest people. A simple fact of life is that Success has many friends, both the genuine and the fake. You are guaranteed to learn this the hard way the second you make it big. Work hard on building and maintaining friendships with people who will share their honest opinions when asked, and not with “yes-people” who are more interested in making you happy – along with their pockets – in the process.

Don’t rest on your achievements: This is the fastest way to losing whatever success you might already have. You must be determined to keep growing and learning so you don’t just remain on top, but also climb several steps higher on the ladder that is life.

Help others: From being a mentor to someone younger to volunteering and making donations to charity, helping others is a great way to stay humble and on top. You remain emotionally connected to what truly matters – adding value to those around you. Givers are always on top too, so you can expect a favour will come back to you sometime in the future.

Show appreciation: Be honest, you didn’t get far without certain people’s help, like a hands-on team in your business, perhaps. Every now and again, do let these special people know how appreciative you are of their efforts with kind words and small gifts.


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