Nigerian women empowering others… that’s what we stand for at One Woman NG. #PressForProgressNG was the tip of the iceberg, and we have more plans in store as an initiative. We’re set to inspire you with stories of Nigerian women making the move for women empowerment  a reality in their chosen space all year long. We will share their learnings, failures and advice with you in mind.
The first of many featured women is Ask Damz, a leading certified nutrition expert and coach in Nigeria. She’s also the founder of a popular fitness program that’s helping thousands of Nigerian women become the healthiest version of themselves. It all started with her amazing 2013 body transformation, where she lost approximately 35kg and built a network and business empire shortly after.


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Read on to learn more about her journey. A must-read, especially if you’re interested in her line of work:

It’s great to see photos of female Team Damz members and their amazing weight loss transformations. Please share two of your favourite success stories with us.

I don’t think I can pick an exact success story as my favourite, but whenever I get reports from my clients saying my program helped them over a certain health issue or they were able to conceive after losing weight, I do a mini victory dance in my head.

Image credit: Ask Damz Instagram page
Image credit: Ask Damz Instagram page
Image credit: Ask Damz Instagram page

In hindsight, what do you wish you had done differently as a coach and entrepreneur?

Initially, when I started my business, I was not taking it seriously, it still seemed like more of a hobby to me. I wish I had looked at it more as a business and have proper structure put in place.


How do you manage to find balance as a coach, wife, mum and Damz the individual? Can a woman truly succeed at having it all?

I fully understand that I’m not a machine, so whenever I need help in whatever area, I lean on my ever supportive husband and hardworking team members to fill up any vacuum. I’m also very family oriented; I find time to take trips with my husband, kids and try to do activities together which promote bonding.

Yes, a woman can truly succeed at having it all, she will need to strike a balance with all areas and find out what works for her.

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What challenges have you faced (or are you facing) as a lady boss in Nigeria, and how have you dealt with them?

One of the challenges I’ve dealt with is imitation. Nigeria is a big nation with a budding population; hence there are quite a number of weight loss coaches/experts. I have developed a unique style with which I run my business, stayed true to my craft and worked tirelessly in order to improve myself and ultimately be outstanding among others.


What are your thoughts on women tearing other women down, especially when it comes to beauty and body image?

First of all, I think that women who take pleasure in tearing down other women suffer self-esteem issues. I say this because often times than none they truly desire to be like the other women. I advise women to work on their self-esteem so as to boost their confidence. Also, self-love is key.

I’m a big supporter of women supporting other women, I try to do so by all means available to me.


Advice to budding lady bosses (in a sentence or two)…

Stay true to your craft. Hardwork, persistence and patience never go un-noticed.


If you could hang out with anyone in history – both present, past and yes, future – who would it be and why?

Michelle Obama; She is an epitome of grace, elegance and success in all areas.


You’re on a deserted island and can only have one item. What would it be and why?

Wow, does it really have to be one? This a tough call between my bible and a big jar of water. My bible because I’m a Jesus baby and daughter of the Most High God and water because I’d need to stay hydrated.


Learn more about Ask Damz and the amazing work she’s doing on her official website and Instagram pages.



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