Lady Bosses


Ever wondered how successful women like the Folorunso Alakijas, Tara Durotoyes and Arese Ugwus of the world accomplish so much with ease?

Habits. Daily habits that form an integral part of their lifestyles.

These demanding yet simple habits are ones we should all aspire to practise consistently for results we can be proud of. Yes, their details may differ but the central, underlying themes of knowledge, relationships and focus usually remain the same.

So if you’re a lady boss in training or one who’s preparing for even greater heights, let this serve as a guide on your way to that much-desired destination:

1. Make S.M.A.R.T goals

and work towards achieving them with simple, logical and informed steps. You won’t find successful women simply dreaming or wishing about what could be or should be. No, these ladies match their big dreams with action. They think, plan and execute daily, using all the resources they have effectively.

The first quarter of the year has come and gone, and it’s time to reflect.  What was your progress like with your previously set New Year Resolutions? Has any headway been made?  If your answer is NONE, it’s not too late to re-strategise for the new quarter.

In setting goals, it’s important to note that the most crucial benefit is not just accomplishing them, but the entire process and how it shapes your character. Your goals should help you be more focused, more disciplined and help you grow as a person.

Below are 4 steps to help you set your goals:

Getting funding for your business shouldn’t be a hassle and  because you’re our One Woman, we’ll let you in on some secrets:

1. CBN MSMEDF: The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has set up a N220 billion MSME Development Fund for businesses in any of the following sectors:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Agricultural Value Chain
  3. Services: Pharmaceuticals, IT and Hospitals
  4. Renewable Energy Products & Technologies and
  5. Other income generating enterprises as advised by the CBN from time to time

This fund is also available to startups, so if you have a brilliant business idea that falls in any of the categories mentioned above, why not draw up a detailed business plan and visit the nearest Sterling Bank branch for more details. The funds are available at only 9% per annum (no additional charges). 

Every female business owner wants to have a brand that would stand tall among its peers and competition whether as an MSME business or established commercial and corporate entity.

While some have been able to achieve this noble milestone, it is still a further mirage for many. A careful study of those that have achieved this milestone would reveal one thing and only one thing …… efficiency

As the sole objective of any business venture is profitability, then it is safe to conclude that building a strong and acceptable brand would enhance this lofty objective.  Then for a business to be profitable, a business owner must understand the importance of running a business through efficient deployment of resources.