Sometimes, it happens, we run into that person;

that person who seems to be all: all that we have ever wanted in a partner.

The conversation is good, mind as good as he looks, the chemistry is tight;

and to crown it, the feeling seems mutual.

Then the “but;” there is a Number One somewhere; and he is dutifully committed.

Now where does that leave you?

Number two.

The next available position.

And, you didn’t, intentionally, sign up to play second fiddle; but as things unfurl, you find yourself subtly in that place. [And the pressure…]

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Being number two comes with its pros and cons.

It doesn’t come with the truckload of responsibilities assigned to number one;

yet gives you some of the glories and headaches.

Your job is already cut out for you;

one of which is skillfully trying to figure out what the number one had missed;

as that got you your opportunity in the first place.


More often, something is fundamentally wrong with the relationship between Mr. Right and Miss Number One, that is being overlooked or ignored,

which is the reason there’s even any slot at all.

Maybe it is yours to take advantage of;

maybe you should just be patient and watch it fall on your lap;

or take the bull by the horn and scheme your way up to number one.
But how much of it is worth it?

The trouble, emotional uncertainties or the tears of another woman.

How much of a trophy is he anyway?

How palatable is being a side chick, a second fiddle, a number two or even a second wife?

What if it’s all infatuation, or a mere distance from common sense, that can be cured by time?.

And what if he’s the perfect one made for you in the hands of another woman?

Well, maybe we need a code of honour for the sisterhood.


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I am Hon. Olawunmi Oyedeji, a graduate of Chemical Engineering. I am a presenter, producer, poet, politician, a tourism enthusiast and serial entrepreneur. I run @kaunatours, a tourism outfit, @viesan_media, a branding firm and @trymyjob, a reality TV show. I enjoy writing, travelling and making money.



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