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We bet you didn’t know you could make pancakes without flour and without sugar.

Amazing right? This pancake recipe is sugar-free, flourless, simply delicious and it is also very filling. Plus, it is made in minutes and It can be served with any fresh fruit of your choice. If you are looking to maintain a healthy nutrition this year, then, you shouldn’t miss this recipe.


Note- The ingredients below are for two servings of pancakes.

2 bananas

Wondering what to wear for your Valentine’s Day date?

Scroll through for some fab outfit ideas, ranging from nice and casual to sexy and formal. Our One Woman Card partners are on standby to get you great discounts, as nice as 50%. Check them out too!

1. Sultry yet laid-back:  We absolutely love Zainab Balogun‘s two-piece number with a black crop tee in tow, just right for a night out at a lounge or laidback jazz club.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to show some love. With each one of us running our daily lives and trying to thrive in this curveball-filled life, we so often seem to forget to show love to ourselves and even the people around us.

I never really got the hang of this day because I was confused about what we were actually celebrating. Were we celebrating an execution or were we celebrating love? But four February 14ths later, I’ve realized that contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t only about exchanging gifts, sweet messages and wearing red. It has gone beyond just a day to a month and is now a constant reminder of the art of showcasing, celebrating and living in love. February is now known as the month of love and I’ll keep rooting for love till love is life itself.

A handy pepper spray bottle is officially a security must-have for the One Woman. You can either buy a ready-made spray from stores like Dealdey and Jumia, or alternatively, make yours at home with this useful guide.

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What You Need

Peppers (grounded) or chilli powder
Empty 20ml plastic spray bottle or perfume spray bottle (cylindrical)
Plastic cling wrap

Question: When it comes to love and marriage, are emotions enough?

Emotions, they say, are fleeting and should never be trusted. But a lot of us make decisions based on how we feel or don’t feel. Worlds’ greatest wars have been fought and thousands, if not millions of lives, have been lost because of someone’s’ “emotions”.

On this love deals, it turns out that us humans secrete a feel-good hormone called oxytocin; it’s the same one that gives you butterflies in your stomach and causes your heart to skip a beat at the sight of your “prey”. So, for most people, when the chemicals in the brain wear off, they say they are no longer in love with someone they could once die or kill for.

 Thinking of what to do with your overripe plantains? Don’t throw them in the trash just yet! Using them to make Plantain Mosa is a better option. Plantain Mosa is one of the components of the famous ‘small chops’ pack. Here’s how to prepare them at home:



Note: These ingredients make about 16 medium balls of plantain Mosa

1 over-ripe plantain

3 heaped tablespoons plain flour (all-purpose flour)

We are fed-up of abiding by the rules and adhering to fashion stereotypes. Fashion is presumed to be a tool for self-expression and this year, we have decided that we are no longer going to be held down by any rule. It is time to break free, to be dynamic and expressively combine different pieces to reflect our inner selves. Rules are for breaking. Let’s break some!

Always wear a matching belt with shoes and handbag: For the love of fashion, we are in 2018! Adhering to this rule will make you look outdated, like something out of a 90s movie. It’s ok to wear different colors of bags and shoes. It makes your outfit modern and interesting.

Never wear bold colors together: This year, we are saying goodbye to this rule. Pairing bold hues is daring and fun when perfectly combined. Combining red, pink and green and other fun colors will give you that eye-catchy color blocking ensemble.

Having oily skin can seem frustrating. You spend so much time making up only to have oil seep into your pores and ruin it. Then there are the tireless battles with acne. 

The worst.

If you can relate to these struggles, here are some natural home remedies to try out that will put an end to oily skin:

Tomatoes: Get a tomato, cut it in half and rub all over your face in a circular motion. Let the residue stay on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

It can be really, disappointing to walk into the kitchen, all set for breakfast, and just when you’re about to pull out your favorite cornflakes cereal box, you realize it’s empty. Well, the good news is that next time this happens, you don’t have to rush off to the grocery store to get another cereal box. You can make cornflakes at home by yourself, a batch that is just as yummy and crunchy. Read how to do it below.


1 1/2 cups yellow cornmeal, divided

1 tablespoon granulated white sugar