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We’ve heard (or read) these weight loss tips over and over again, but every once in a while, unique tips come up that make us look a second time. They challenge the norm, getting the results that matter. Personal research into this will be a serious plus, so make sure you do just that with your fitness buddies. You can start off with our outlined tips below:


Meningitis is currently under the spotlight with news of a recent outbreak in Nigeria. The epidemic started in November 2016, in Zamfara to be exact, and has since claimed 328 lives in 16 states according to The Guardian.

While the Federal Ministry of Health is doing all it can to reassure the public and control the situation,  it’s important that you and your loved ones are proactive in learning all you need to for your personal protection. Read on for basic facts about the disease and please pass on the post to save lives:

Every female business owner wants to have a brand that would stand tall among its peers and competition whether as an MSME business or established commercial and corporate entity.

While some have been able to achieve this noble milestone, it is still a further mirage for many. A careful study of those that have achieved this milestone would reveal one thing and only one thing …… efficiency

As the sole objective of any business venture is profitability, then it is safe to conclude that building a strong and acceptable brand would enhance this lofty objective.  Then for a business to be profitable, a business owner must understand the importance of running a business through efficient deployment of resources.

April Fool’s Day. It’s the one day of the year when kids can take pranks to a whole new level and get away with it. All in the name of “fun”, of course. Maybe you were a chief prankster in your time – and maybe now – so it’s high time you get your dose of your own medicine.

Depending on how creative your children are naturally, being on guard for D-day is a must. A bag of your own fun revenge tricks might be handy to have as well.


It’s over. After weeks, months or maybe even years of intimacy with someone you thought would be yours forever, life has asked you to let go. Perhaps you were in denial at first, with some glimmer of hope. Then anger came and now you’re here, reading up on how to handle the sad emotions on your heart. From breakups to sad losses of loved ones, heartbreak can seem like a difficult phase to go through at first. But with the right support system and recovery tips, you can come out stronger.


Time stood still when news of Dr Orji Allwell’s unfortunate suicide incident broke; Allwell, a beloved medical practitioner who jumped into the Lagos lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge last Sunday. His corpse was found three days later by police officials.  Not long after, a woman and 500 level student reportedly attempted suicide, leading to raised concerns about this issue. Tensions are high, as you can imagine, and the spotlight on mental health is back on in various circles. Now, with this, we see a rise in depression myths put forward by different sources. Some already on the scene include:

Myth 1: Depressed people are “possessed”

Depression is a scientifically-proven mental disorder with roots in an individual’s psychology, biology and social behaviour. Interestingly, to compare it to a medical condition like cancer would also be incorrect because of this reason, as well as the fact that treatment can’t just consist drugs as Psych Central states.

We hope Mothering Sunday 2017 was an amazing day for your Mum! She deserves all the love and affection you can give for her many sacrifices.

This weekend, Sterling Bank helped to celebrate hundreds of wonderful mums with the inspiring #MySterlingMum campaign. We asked fans to tweet photos of their mums along with heartwarming captions of how amazing they are.

And tweet they did. In fact, they went all out with amazing stories of triumph and memorable childhood moments, courtesy of their Queen Bees. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and we wish you all the best in our contest! We will announce the winner of our N50K Verve gift cards on Tuesday, but in the meantime, have a look at some of our favourite entries:

Celebrating the beauty of motherhood… it’s one of the many benefits that come with our job as Sterling Bank/ONE Woman team!

We love putting smiles on faces of women around the country. It’s a major reason why at the moment, we’re gearing up for the #MySterlingMum contest this weekend, where we reward sweet love tweets to special mums. We see it as an empowering initiative, giving mums their much-deserved shine for all they do AND a nice Sterling Verve gift card of up to N50K.

To add to the festivities, we’re ripping to shreds false myths that stop mums from shining as much as they rightly should.  How they became a part of society is amazing, but it’s high time we label them false.