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Whether at work or with family, sexual harassment can be a serious pain and source of stress. If you find yourself in such a situation, let’s help you break free with this simple step-by-step guide:

Start with your why

It’s important to understand why sexual harassment is wrong in the first place before you even take action. It’s what will keep you motivated in the long run if challenges come, the knowledge that you’re a woman worthy of respect.  Simply put, you deserve better. You shouldn’t have to put up with long-term discomfort in your life and suffer in silence.

Side-note: We also mentioned the importance of understanding the why when discussing how to find a great work-life balance. Make sure you read it if you haven’t yet.

Say no

“But he should know that I don’t like what he’s doing!”


Fact: You’re 50% more likely to suffer from a stroke if you’re experiencing stress.

Scary, right?

This alarming statistic from the American Institute of Stress shows how serious long term stress can be to the human body, and why it’s important to manage it as soon as possible.

Sadly, too many women go by their day to day activities as professionals and family caretakers without knowing this, only to experience bad health consequences much later in their lifetimes. Even worse, ailments come but they can’t connect the dots. They don’t realise that stress is the cause of their problems.

So let’s  begin to unmask stress together with this in mind. Let’s understand what it truly is, how it can affect your health and how to manage it.

Mothering Sunday is really close, ladies! And to make your gift hunt 10x easier, we’ve compiled a list of beauty gift ideas we’re sure your mum will love. Whatever you choose, just make sure she feels special. It’s her day, after all, so do not settle!

1. Verve Gift Card: You’ve got to love this sweet gift that keeps on giving. It’s much classier than a cash handout but safer than an actual gift dear Mum may not like. We’ve all had that experience at least once, right? You get a gift for a loved one, only to get an awkward look of sadness in return. Avoid that altogether this weekend and go for this. If you insist on getting tangible gifts, however, read on for more ideas.

2. Perfume: For as low as N2,500, you can make Mum smile and smell like a million bucks with ease. Get a replacement for her current one perhaps, or go for a completely different perfume choice. If you do, just make sure it’s as close to her preferred fragrance as possible – citrus, floral, spicy, just to name a few. There are also gift sets with various fragrances in them, a safer option if you ask us.

Thinking of what to do with your kids this weekend?  When all else fails, a day out at the cinema is your best bet, complete with popcorn, ice cream and the other treats that make up the fun experience.  So make it a date as you sit back, relax and unwind with any of these films:

1. Kong – Skull Island: Your kids will love this thrilling remake of the King Kong classic. Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Lawson, it follows the story of scientists who find themselves in Kong’s territory. In the words of Wikipedia, they must “fight to escape a world where humanity doesn’t belong”. Expect loads of action from this tale that’s already a smash blockbuster hit across cinemas in the U.S. 

“If you think love is tough, try love in a long distance relationship.” – Unknown.

Quite an interesting take, don’t you think?

The truth is distance can present a challenge, but like everything else in life, it can be mastered. All you need is a bit of drive, patience and determination, and you’ll be setting #RelationshipGoals for others in no time. If you’re currently considering such a relationship, or are already in one yourself, give these tips a try.

Fizzy drinks are nice to have once in awhile. At owambes (parties), they are usually first in line to accompany our delicious meals. However, if you want to give your body the love and care it needs, treat it to at least 8 cups of water a day. Your future self will appreciate you for this, along with the hundreds of loved ones in your circle as you inspire them to do the same. Drinking water often is a must we encourage. Here is why.

It’s hard not to love lipstick!  Whether bold or subtle, it can be the icing on the cake that is a beautiful outfit, courtesy of the colour pop. With so many colours and shines to choose from, it also lets you be free, fun and flirty while in your element.

Now it’s not enough to just apply your lipstick. No, there’s a certain skill that comes with getting great wow-worthy results. You don’t have to go to makeup school, though. A simple understanding of basic rules will do for a look that shows off your beauty. Let’s get you started with these great tips:

So you want to buy a work bag. This buying decision isn’t one to rush, especially if you want to do it right. You need to consider a number of factors – the most obvious being cost, of course – to make sure you get the best that suits you and your style. Speak to girlfriends and ask questions, or alternatively, have a read through our list of tips for inspiration. You will be glad you did, especially when all the compliments start rolling.