We hope you’re sitting down because these facts on gender inequality are quite gripping…

1. According to WHO, one in three women worldwide has experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

2. Almost two-thirds of women in the North West and North East Nigeria are uneducated, compared to less than 15% in the South-South.

3. Pew Centre studies show that only 70 countries have had a female leader (as of 2016).

4. There are over 150 countries with at least one sexist law in their constitution. Key phrase: “At least!”

5. The Global Citizen states that most women earn only 60 -75% of what their male counterparts earn, for the same job.

6. One in three women worldwide is likely to suffer from gender-based violence in their lifetime.

7. According to Oxfam, an alarming 60% of people classified as chronically hungry are women and girls.

8. Over 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, married before the age of 18.

9. DoSomething.org cites that over 603 million women live in countries that do not consider domestic violence a crime.




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