Take The Pledge: #PressForProgressNG

A report from the National Bureau of Statistics in 2015 shows that Women constitute roughly half of Nigerian’s population and by extension half of the workforce and are, often, disadvantaged compared to men in access to employment opportunities and conditions of work.

Although there are more women in Entry Level positions today, fewer women make it to senior positions as many women forgo or curtail employment because of family responsibilities and more.

This year, in line with International Women’s Day, we at One Woman have decided to share ‘The Pledge’ a docu-drama that shows scenarios that have led to women leaving the workplace further contributing to fewer women at senior positions.

According to Joy et al, Boards with high female representation experience a 53% higher return on equity, a 66% higher return on invested capital and a 42% higher return on sales (Joy et al., 2007)

We; men and women, must do better and encourage more women to get to the top. We, therefore, call on you to take the pledge and invite others to do the same. Let us all press for progress.



I will Press for Progress and maintain a gender parity mindset by questioning any lack of women’s participation, nominating women for opportunities, always including and supporting women.

I will challenge stereotypes and bias by questioning assumptions about women, challenging statements that limit women, always using inclusive language.

I will forge positive visibility of women by identifying ways to make women more visible, extending opportunities to women first, assuming women want opportunities until declined and selecting women as spokespeople and leaders.

I will influence others’ beliefs/actions by calling-out inappropriate behaviour, leading by example via inclusive actions, being a role model for equality.

I will celebrate women’s achievements by believing achievement comes in many forms, valuing women’s individual and collective success and ensuring credit is given for women’s contributions.

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