Valentine’s Day may be long gone, but remember it’s still the season of love! Make it a season to remember with these fun challenges with your significant other. Try your best not to miss any day and share your thoughts on the outcome of each day.

Day 1: Heard of the five love languages before? Take the test with your partner on Dr. Gary Chapman’s website. This will help you discover each other’s love language and start developing ways to adopt it.

Day 2: Tell him three (random) things you appreciate about him. This will go a long way in his eyes, especially if his love language is “words of affirmation”. Be honest and don’t throw in words you don’t mean. 

Day 3: Go on a date to one of your favourite places, somewhere you’ve both been before. This will bring back fond memories and offer more opportunities for connecting.

Day 4:  Start a healthy regimen together. You can start a new workout routine, or even cook a healthy dish together. 

Day 5: Play a board game or any fun activity that reminds you of your childhood. It’ll bring back fond memories.

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Day 6: Buy a book  – or two – that will help to strengthen your relationship. Read it with your significant other. You’re bound to enjoy interesting conversations and ask each other questions as you read.

Day 7: Play 36 questions. According to Psychology Today, these questions only take about 45 minutes to discuss—and they almost always make two people feel better about each other. You can find these questions here

Day 8: Have a romantic dance with your partner. Really, just turn on your favorite love song and follow the rhythm. You might even learn some new moves from your partner.

Day 9: Stay up late talking. Really catch up and check in with each other on what you might have missed.

Day 10: Do something spontaneous!

Day 11: Have a double date with friends.

Day 12: Make a music playlist for each other. Pick songs that mean something to you both.

Day 13: When you wake up, ask your partner, “What can I do to make your day better?

Day 14: Surprise your partner with a small (inexpensive or handmade) gift.

Day 15: Try putting off all electronic devices today and enjoy every moment with your partner

Day 16: Spend a day giving back to the community together.


Have fun!


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