Bolanle Olley-Williams


This month, the spotlight is on Bolanle Williams-Olley. Round the clock, she is a wife, mother to TheTWOs, and the Chief Financial Officer of Mancini Duffy, an Architectural and Interior Design firm in New York. She is also the Chief Cause Curator at REACH Nigeria, a go-to hub for all volunteer and community service opportunities across Nigeria and Founder, BKCares, a nonprofit organization that focuses on fundraising to provide sustainable improvements in education for low-income schools and children in Nigeria. Learn more about her life, along with nuggets to learn, in this insightful interview:

You’re a career woman, a wife, a mum, with three initiatives under your belt – REACHNigeria, BeauBelle Africa and BolaKrafts. What’s the secret? How have you succeeded in achieving all these at a young age?

Grace plus sheer determination to reach my full potential and fulfil my God-given purpose. I firmly believe in trying out ideas that keep you up at night, they help hone what you are good at or not. I prefer not to live in a “what if” world. Even though this doesn’t come easy to all, there is a liberation that comes the moment we remove the fear of failure (internal and public) from our minds and just do it whatever your “it” is.