lady boss of the month


This month, the spotlight is on Bolanle Williams-Olley. Round the clock, she is a wife, mother to TheTWOs, and the Chief Financial Officer of Mancini Duffy, an Architectural and Interior Design firm in New York. She is also the Chief Cause Curator at REACH Nigeria, a go-to hub for all volunteer and community service opportunities across Nigeria and Founder, BKCares, a nonprofit organization that focuses on fundraising to provide sustainable improvements in education for low-income schools and children in Nigeria. Learn more about her life, along with nuggets to learn, in this insightful interview:

You’re a career woman, a wife, a mum, with three initiatives under your belt – REACHNigeria, BeauBelle Africa and BolaKrafts. What’s the secret? How have you succeeded in achieving all these at a young age?

Grace plus sheer determination to reach my full potential and fulfil my God-given purpose. I firmly believe in trying out ideas that keep you up at night, they help hone what you are good at or not. I prefer not to live in a “what if” world. Even though this doesn’t come easy to all, there is a liberation that comes the moment we remove the fear of failure (internal and public) from our minds and just do it whatever your “it” is.

If you haven’t heard of The Delphinator, where have you been? She is possibly one of the hottest personalities on Youtube right now, with a growing vlog following that spans in the hundreds of thousands. Fans tune in weekly to watch Delphine’s funny commentaries on the latest in movies and entertainment, with interviews with hot individuals here and there. You might have caught her chat with popular Big Brother Naija personalities already.

We recently got the opportunity to interview Delphine and learn more about her rise to success. Keep reading for some nuggets on how to build your brand especially if you are in the media space.

Hi Delphine! Please introduce yourself with a little background info. We’d love to know how the “Delphinator” nickname came about too.

You know those sort of people who are interested in many things and not sure exactly what to focus on? Yea, I was one of those people for the longest time but now I have some of it figured out. I’m a multilayered media mogul: content creator, YouTuber and red carpet host among other things. Before all of this, I trained as an architect, practised for 3years before I left architecture for media full time.

Everyone thinks TheDelphinator moniker comes from “The Terminator” in reference to my love for movies. Hehe. Although it helps the narrative, it has nothing to do with that. However, I was good at Physics in Secondary School and the “Motors and Generators” topic came pretty easily to me. So the nickname came from a mashup of my first name “Delphine” and “generator”.

In April, we are happy to showcase the life and work of a phenomenal woman named Toyin. She is the Creative Director and Founder of Augustsecrets Nigeria, a company established out of the pure passion to make creative and healthy meals suitable for the Nigerian child.

Her work has received rave reviews from a growing community of customers. Accolades have been knocking too, with a recent nomination from The Future Awards and Her Network’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

It was a pleasure interviewing this rising star. Read on for the interview:


What inspired you to start August Secrets? And what’s the story behind the unique name?

I had my son abroad and bought all sorts of meals for him to eat at weaning stage. Unfortunately, he refused to take any of the meals, and I had to resort to finding healthier local alternatives. I started documenting my recipes and my cooking tips and later went ahead to study on Infant and Young Child Nutrition, while I fed my son with my unique recipes. Sharing this gift with other mothers as they demanded for it was the beginning of the company; Augustsecrets.