At One Woman, we support the notion of women empowering women, encouraging the creation of opportunities and growth in the workplace and business landscape. That’s why we consider the process of mentorship as highly important, amongst other things.

In anticipation of #PressForProgress this International Women’s Day 2018, we asked members of our One Woman Community what’s the best piece of advice from a mentor they have ever received. Here’s what they had to say:

There is a difference between DISCOURAGEMENT, INAPPRECIATION AND HONEST CRITICISM. You should be able to spot the differences – @zeeautiful_atelier

Always seek to be a person of value; don’t do to others what you can’t accept yourself  – @oremicraft

Be in competition with your best of yesterday. That’s is the one true way you can measure growth and progress, not by competing with others – @thefitmumhub

Baby! Whatever it is you want your man to do for you, however, you want him to treat you when he marries you don’t forget to let him know while you are dating; either in action, character or words. #girls it works and it’s so real – @graceunagwu

Mind your business – @exoticazobo

Never be petty in business, stay in your lane and move at your pace  – @3meals_culinary_kitchen

I can’t keep giving you all the time. What can you do for yourself? – @esoarang

Talk about everything, finance, sex, children, your extended family(necessary information only) and finally don’t make it your source of happiness and hell no clinging. Build up your personality so much that you become a rare gem. – @mariesoulblog

Confusion happens to the best us… confusion in itself isn’t a bad thing but staying confused is – @funsowaters


Thanks, ladies! Which is your favourite?



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